Denyse Murphy works from multiple sources/inspirations and uses a variety of media including alternative photography drawing, ink & paint. Her emphasis is to create works that are compelling, thoughtful, and engaging.
"I'm led by a process and wander about in the materials until an idea or theme emerges.”
Denyse’s creative spirit and unique treatment of a medium help her create each image. She is never certain where the creative process will take her. The image evolves with the merger of the medium used, imagination and subject.
“These explorations - inevitably circle back to our experiences as temporary, physical beings - how we are walking on a threshold between material /immaterial worlds. I think about this broad spectrum of our shared existence, including the awareness of self and the influences of family, memory, change and loss."

The Murphy Story

I am fascinated by making marks and find joy in the discoveries made when working with a variety of different materials. My focus is drawn to the mysteries found in the people whom we know, or think we know, including ourselves. I am interested in the many internal and external forces that come together to form a “self”, exploring the ways these define us. From the ancestral threads of family, to our MRIs - we are always being influenced, reshaped and redefined.